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Feb 24, 2017

We're celebrating Lucas Mancini Day with a new episode! Now dig on these episodes, as we get into one of Will's absolute favorite episodes, and two of Lucas' most hated characters! We also talk grade school fights, La La Land, martial arts, chalk boards, cootie catchers, and Guile! EPISODES: "Bully For Binky/Misfortune...

Feb 17, 2017

We're back! Will & Lucas brave the snowy weather to bring you a new episode, where snowball theft and comic mishaps run wild! We're talking hoarding, the Rashomon style, Star Fox 64, Sinestar, and dubious Italian, listener email! EPISODES: "DW's Snow Mystery/Team Trouble"

Feb 3, 2017

Will and Lucas welcome their first guest to the show, their pal Evan Stoney from the Albert Wiley 4 Way (check 'em on SoundCloud)! The trio talk conspiracies, "whale punk" and "witch house", and dying in space with "Sue Ellen Moves In"; then, they talk Will's fear of puppets, cucumber crunch ice cream, and more with...