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Nov 17, 2023

Will sits down to chat with the people behind the latest Arthur-related viral hit, "I Made The Arthur Theme Song Midwest Emo [NOT CLICKBAIT]", made by Stanley from the band Echo and Evan from Black Valve Media! Stanley and Evan talk about how the Arthur cover came together and why they chose the Midwest emo style, how it feels for their project to go viral and the response to it so far, and of course, their favorite Arthur characters, episodes, merch, and memories...

Stanley is the band Echo, follow them on Twitter/IG/YouTube/TikTok/Spotify (@echoisaband) and check out their website ( for all of their links, including to their merch page featuring an Arthur design!

Evan is the co-founder of Black Valve Media, follow him on Twitter (@evanprunty) and check out the Black Valve YouTube channel