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Apr 24, 2020

Lucas & Will take a trip back to childhood to discuss the beloved children's book series Redwall and its animated counterpart! The guys talk about the series history including forays into opera and video games, the show's unique identity and methods of storytelling among other kid's cartoons of the time, the animal...

Apr 17, 2020

Will digs into some soccer memories as he and Lucas discuss "The A Team" and he even tries out a horse voice in "Emily Swallows A Horse", the baffling Chairman Mao cameo, the possibility of an Arthur pandemic special, clowns or cowboys, power levels, and the Rattlin' Bog!

Apr 10, 2020

No, not that Zoom, the original 1970s series and, especially, its 1990's remake! Will & Lucas revisit the show that encouraged kids to try new things and left an impression on several generations of children. The guys talk about the history of both iterations and discuss what a modern remake would look like,...

Apr 3, 2020

Will and Lucas dig into how yoga permeated the culture in the 2000s in "Three's A Crowd", and are completely baffled at the return of the Dean scream in "A Is For Angry", Arthur spin-offs, Will tries to name the Magic School Bus Kids, and an aside for Cape Breton.