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Nov 25, 2016

Strap in! Will & Lucas are fired up about this week's episode; featuring comfort shows, Will's bird bias, novelty watches, online gaming in the 90's, and Arthur's anxiety... (note: Mild language, plus talking about anxiety and death) (Gross frog imagery at 30:46 and 33:20) EPISODES: So Long, Spanky/Buster's New Friend

Nov 18, 2016

Will Young and Frog Fractions Two-cas Mancini are back for another pair of Arthur episodes! We covers topics like David Lynch, tree surgeons, country music, how pickles work, and Mrs. Fink (she's fun) and her weiner kids! EPISODES: Arthur Writes A Story/Arthur's Lost Dog

Nov 4, 2016

Will & Lucas have BABIES on the brain this episode, as Baby Kate enters the Arthur-verse! It's a Rashomon-style origin story, and the boys talk about everything babies, as well as Chubby Bunny, the Teletubbies, and more! Please note there is some mild language; apologies for the audio quality in this particular...